Thomas Scholtes

Thomas Scholtes is starting his eleventh season as a Comedy Pig, originally joining the group way back during the 2009-2010 season. His semi-professional career began at the University of Maryland, joining and performing with the all-purpose comedy group The Bureau. Thomas loves writing and acting, and claims he has been funny his whole life, which is why he believes he is one of the many assets to The Comedy Pigs. He instituted the first Summer Comedy Extravaganza, bringing in other improv and comedy acts from around the area to MET, and continues to be a part of organizing the festival to this day. He hopes all of you will enjoy the show, and stands by his one-laugh minimum guarantee.

Sonny Etzler

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Matthew G Vance

A Comedy Pig, and moderately proud human being.

Molly Parchment

Molly is thrilled to be in her third season with the Comedy Pigs. She is also a company member at the MET as well as a teacher in the Ensemble School. She was seen previously at the MET in Pride and Prejudice (Jane/Anne de Burgh) and in Radium Girls (Mrs. Roeder, etc). Molly is a graduate of CCM (BFA Drama) and iO Chicago. Love to M&T.

Erik Hadden

Erik is improvising his way through life. A former Comedy Pig (2016-2017 season), he is thrilled to be back with the Pigs as their director. He is a founding member of The Courtyard Players improv group in Dubai, UAE where taught and performed short form, long form and musical improv. Erik has studied under Impro Theatre based in Los Angeles, Patti Styles, Geoffrey Dolan and others. Besides improv he has done stage, short film, commercial, voice over, and corporate acting. He is a Frederick County native. Erik plays the guitar and sings and in his spare time is a psychotherapist.

Katie Rictor

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Rob Hughes

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